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Favourite kitchen things

Michelle Dick was talking about favourite kitchen utensils. The flexible
chopping boards sound brilliant! I'm going to have a look about next
time I go shopping.

My favourite kitchen things are

* My Braun hand blender (other people have mentioned theirs recently
too)...this is just brilliant. You just blend your soup right there in
the pan and wash the blender under the tap. Mine came with a 500ml (2
cup) measuring thing as well that's marked out in 50ml and 4oz
gradations. You can blend stuff in the measurer because it's the same
diameter as the blender.

* My coffee grinder (for spices). It's a hand-operated thing that I
got for #4 sterling about 6 years ago, maybe even more. Actually it
was the first kitchen utensil (along with my bamboo steamer which I
got at the same time) that I ever owned. Yes, I think 6 years is
right, I was about 16. 

I took it apart for the first time yesterday because I'd clogged it up
with dried onions. No, it won't grind them but it'll do practically
anything else. CELERY SALT! CELERY SALT!  (Sorry, got carried away)


<small><strong>Kate L Pugh</strong></small>