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Eating in France

My husband and I will be going to France for two weeks at the end of
September.  One week we will be with a tour group bicycling every day and
eating with the group.  The other week we will be on our own.  Before I was
ff, I always stayed pretty much with cooked-to-death meat and bread on
vacations  because I seem to be very prone to stomach problems when I travel.
 Now, I find that most of my problems come from fatty foods, but I still
worry about raw foods.  (I should point out that I am definitely a
hypochondriac.)  Anyway, how do I adjust my new eating style to food in
France?  I speak a little French, but not enough to carry on a detailed
discussion of fat-free cooking, and also don't want to seem like an Ugly
American.  I'm veggie at home, but will eat meat out if it's the lowest-fat
alternative on a menu.  Any suggestions would be welcome.