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Re: Retrieving Digests

RubyTues@xxxxxxx wrote that she had trouble retrieving digests using the
directions I'd posted - that it takes a long time to receive them.  I just
requested #198 and it came in 5 minutes (a l-i-t-t-l-e longer than usual).
I don't have any inside track on all of this - I'm just a list member like
the rest of you and for some reason I've always been successful at my 
attempts at retrieval.

I know Michelle is reading the digests, so perhaps she will step in with
suggestions.  The only thing I can think of is three things right now:

1) Perhaps you didn't put the word archive in the subject (I did that once
   and got a message back that it had delayed my retrieval).
2) Perhaps they filter out aol.com addresses?  (I believe some lists did
   this for awhile when there were so many new and temporary aol
3) Perhaps the automated server was overloaded or slow or even down at the 
   time you made your request.

These are just some thoughts.  I'm sure Michelle can be more helpful.  Sorry
you're having trouble.

Natalie in Milwaukee