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Green Giant: Create a Meal's

Is anyone familiar with "Create a Meal"'s by Green Giant?  They are stir fry
meal starters with vegetables and sauce.  I use to buy their Schezhuan
version and make it with stirfried chicken. I still like them since they
have a nice variety of vegetables and good sauces.  But, the Schezhuan
version has a lot more fat than other versions (Sweat & Sour, Teriyaki).  I
have a Teriykai version in front of me and it's 100 calories per serving as
packaged (without chicken and oil) with 5 calories as fat (3 servings per

The Schezhuan version has a packet of peanuts you're supposed to add to the
vegetables after you've cooked them for a while.  I don't even like it with
peanuts, but I can't figure out what the fat content is if you remove them.
I don't have one of them in front of me so I can't tell you exactly what the
calories/fat calories and ingredients of the sauce are.  I think it might be
something like 200 calories per serving with 50 as fat (2.5 servings for the
whole package)

Does anyone have any idea what percentage fat there would be in this package
without using the peanuts?  I'm worried the sauce might be suspect too.