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Re: Vegan feta cheese

Ruby Tues wrote:
>I must have deleted the recipe for vegan feta - could someone please repost

        I just reposted the feta cheese recipe, but wanted to mention again
the changes that I'd sent out after the fact (just like me to do that, but...).
        The tahini in the recipe can be reduced by half without
substantially affecting the flavour of the dish.  Adventurous souls can
experiment with replacing some of that remaining 1 T of tahini with a few
drops of roasted sesame oil.
        The fat can be squashed down further by using the ever-popular
MoriNu silken 1% fat tofu instead of 'regular' low fat tofu, but it has to
be frozen, thawed and wrapped to change the texture.  To do this, cut the
block of tofu into 1/2- to 1-inch thick slabs.  Freeze the slabs for a
minimum of one day (a maximum of three months) and then thaw.  Place the
thawed slices on a very clean, dry kitchen/tea towel and wrap the towel
around the slices.  Place a heavy baking dish on top of the towel-wrapped
tofu, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes.  Then, presto, you're ready to roll.