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Re: Vegetarianism

On  3 Sep 97 at 7:14, Serena Starkey wrote:


> I feel that I am doing the right thing for my health, but I hear things
> such as this and wonder if there are there will be any long term
> consequences due to my vegetarianism. I really don't want to eat meat but
> feel that maybe I should start eating just a little fish or something.  Is
> it ignorance on the part of non-vegetarians that perpetuates these myths or
> am I really missing something?  Thanks for any answers to this that you may
> have.
> Serena


I know many others on this list have been vegetarian/vegan for many 
years longer than I. I have been FF vegetarian for several years, FF 
vegan for one year (FF for about 15 years before 
that - minimial animal products)  As part of my annual checkup this 
year, my Dr. did a whole raft of blood tests (checking for anemia, 
vitamin levels, creatine, electrolytes, etc.) All came back OK.

I do not know if you exercise, but some will say you can't be 
fit/strong whatever, on a vegetarian/vegan diet. All I can say is - I 
exercise twice a day (60 minutes before work, 60 - 90 minutes after 
work). Blood tests are fine, I feel *great*, and am in *much* better 
shape than the other non-vegs in the classes.....

As long as you are eating a reasonably balanced diet, and with the 
multivitamin, there shouldn't be a problem. If you feel good about 
yourself, happy with your decision, and are in good health, IMHO I 
don't think you need to worry.....

Stephanie Perkins-Cooney
Workgroup Software Specialist, Computer Services
Colleague(R14v5), Database Administrator, Staff Trainer, Researcher
Assiniboine Community College, Brandon, Manitoba  Canada
email: cooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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