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Vegetarian Health

To Serena who is worried about the friend's vegetarian daughter who
nearly died.

Speaking from personal experience, vegetarianism is very healthy.  I
don't know what was wrong with that girl.  I am 19 years old and I was
raised vegetarian (nearly vegan.)  I have been a vegan for six months.
I most serious illness was chicken pox when I was nine.  I am perfectly
healthy.  My parents have been vegetarians for 20 years.  My father has
had doctors ask him if he is an athlete because he has such low blood
pressure.  His family has a history of heart disease.  He is probably
healthier than he would be if he ate SADly.  My mother has never been
really sick for as long as I can remember.   Her mother and sister both
had their ovaries removed before age 40 because of ovarian cancer.  She
gets checked regularly and receives a clean bill of health.  I am tall,
strong, and alert.  Please don't let people's stories scare you.