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Soy & rice milks - Canadian woes

Hadass wrote:
>Can you say "dairy lobby"? 8-( Anybody would think there were no people with
>milk allergies/intolerances in Canada ... I wonder if we could order them by
>mail from somewhere???

and WKK wrote:
>Lastly, for my fellow Canadians looking for soy and rice milk, I
>have seen them available in quite a few of the smaller HFSs in Kitchener,
>Huntsville and Toronto, Ontario. Larger grocery stores do not seem
>interested in carrying them (or they are just conforming to government 

        My problem isn't so much with having soy and rice milks available,
but with their variety (none) and taste (from flavourless to flat-out
nasty).  Never mind fat content - that just makes everything complicated as
well as depressing.
        Everyone seems happy with their Dixie products... I just filled out
their catalogue request form and am looking forward to browsing.  That being
said, once I average in the exchange rate and extra S&H, catalogue shopping
from U.S. sources can be *really* expensive for a Canuck.
        What we need is *good*, low fat soy and rice milks (and powders, so
that we can make double-strengths for cream, etc.) avauilable to us in
Canada.  Or through mail order, without the exchange/S&H dilemma.
        And while we're at it, I'll add a pitiful plea for unpasteurized
white miso, decent and varied analogues, good tempeh & seitan, and the
various amazing ethnic finds that have been described on this list.