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Calories and the MLWP

Michele Bergh asked a question about calories and the MLWP.  Michelele,
take everything you know about "dieting" and chuck it out of your mind.

Oh yes, I DO know how hard it is to do that.  I still check the blasted
calorie content of what I'm about to ingest.

Then I remember what Dr. MacDougall said and I relax.

As I write this I'm looking down at a top that used to fit almost
snuggly.  Now it's hanging on me loosely.  yet my scale hasn't budged
one ounce in over a week.

I've been following his basic plan: starches and vegetables and I'm
living proof that you're not going to starve yourself.  GRAZE!  I keep
plenty of potatoes, carrots, beans, and a HUGE salad in the 'fridge at
all times.  I also keep a generous supply of cooked whole wheat, oat
groats, and rye groats on hand.

The most important thing is to NEVER BE HUNGRY.  I'm not. It is so hard
to break the blasted mind-set with which we've all be subjected.  I'm
learning to toss out the concept of calories and fat-gram counting out
the window.  And I've lost what I estimate to be at least two dress
sizes in the past month.

Handling eating out at other's homes is a bit like a lesson I learned
years ago when people offered me alcoholic drinks at a party.  I don't
drink the stuff.  No, I'm not an alcoholic, nor do I have any moral
scruples that oppose drinking, I just don't LIKE the stuff.  Besides,
now I am on medications that don't mix at all with alcohol,  period.

"I know you want me to enjoy myself.  I AM enjoying myself and having a
great time.  I simply cannot drink and I know that you'll respect that. 
I appreciate the offer, though."

Whenever I go to a friend's house I bring one to three foods which I can
eat.  When they offer me something which I don't care to eat, I use the
statement above.  Say it with real love and warmth.

If that stragegy doesn't or won't work, tell them that you have brought
food which your doctor has prescribed.  Dr. MacDougal has certainly
"prescribed" those foods so you really are not even fibbing a bit!

My friends know I have a willpower like a steel trap.  If I say, "No,
thank you," I MEAN it.  I steam a medley of vegetables: potatoes,
carrots, broccoli, cabbage and add bulgur or whole wheat berries or
other VLF veggies and bring about three times as much as I know I can
eat, so others can share if they want.  You'd be surprised at how often
others "try" what you're eating.

Then I "graze" from what I have brought, making sure that I never really
get hungry.

I'm curious as to how others handle the holidays when living the healthy
lifestyle we do.

Hope that helps!

Beverly Kurtin

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