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re: fat free in Italy

Carol asked about ordering fat-free in Italy.....

We spent a month in Tuscany two September's ago and eating low fat and
vegetarian was not easy! Ordering soups for lunch was a good idea, either
minestrone or ribbolita (a Tuscan speciality with vegetables and lettuce in
it). But the only danger is that you can never really be sure if it has m**t
stock in it.
Usually you can get foccacia or pannini with grilled vegetables...Obvious
vegetarian choices like risotto are usuually full of oil.
So what I ended up doing was compromising and trying to choose low fat
instead of fat free (which is really unheard of it Italy).
By the way, after my trip, I bought a great cook book in the States called
Lean Italian Meatless Meals by Anne Casale. which has great recipes for
pastas, risottos etc...to satisfy my cravings!
Good luck
an aussie in LA