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Re: using stevia in banana bread recipe


If you do try making the banana bread with stevia, please post 
how you did it (how much did you use and in what form) and how 
it turned out.  I am growing some and want to try it in recipes, 
but don't even know where to begin. I suppose I should just begin 
and then make adjustments from there.

perhaps I'll try it with the zucchini brownie recipe.  I made 
that yesterday and love it.  If I were serving it to company I 
would increase the sugar just a tad, but for me it's great as 
my body no longer handles sugar well.

I need to find out how to use the fresh stevia leaves.  The 
powder and liquid concentrate have a fair amount of aftertaste 
and I'm thinking the fresh leaves might be better if I could 
think how to grind or cut them so they disperse throughout 
the dough.

Any suggestions?