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Harvest Burger m**t loaf

Brent Van Ryn <vanrynbg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote about the Harvest Burger m**t loaf

< Didn't like the m**tloaf mix.  Flavor was a
turn-off to me so I didn't even try the husband test. >

I fixed it just like I fix my regular sad loaf. I added the equivilant of one
egg, 1/2 cup matzo meal (you could use any kind of crumbs),Some dehydrated
onions (if I am not in a hurry I add real chopped onions, a good sized blob
of ketchup, A smaller blob of mustard,1 TBLS sugar, and approximately 2 TBS
worchestshire sauce.

Before baking I mix some more ketchup, mustard , sugar and worchestshire and
spread it on the top.

My hubby ate a whole 1/2 a loaf!!!  This is a guy who, 2 yrs ago, would not
even consider a meal without m**t.