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Re: parchment paper

Ketayun wrote:
> I would like to use parchment paper to line pans so that I can bake
> breaded food without sticking. Does anyone have any experience how it's
> done? Also are there any websites that have recipes using xanthum gum?
> Ketayun

I use paarchment paper to line baking sheets for cookies and cakes.  I
have never tried it for baked goods but I don't see why it wouldn't
work.  You just tear off a large enough sheet to cover the pan, put your
dough on it and bake. the cookies come right off.  Non-stick pans work
pretty good, too.

I just found out about a new silicone baking sheet that's reusable 2000
times.  I put it on my Christmas wish list.  If you're interested it's
available from King Arthur 1-800-827-6836.  You're supposed to be able
to use it even for sticky buns.  

Hope this helps,