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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #241

> This is in response to the numerous  questions about the use 
> of rice-cookers.  There are numerous Japanese brands in ;the market
> and I have noticed also the Oster  rice cooker cum steamer is available
> too.
> Beside cooking rice,  you could just cook any grains in the cooker.
> Basically  all the grains have to be cooked in a suitable amount of
> and once the liquid is absorbed by the grain,  the cooker will
> have an automatic  "off"  mode .  So  whether your grains are cooked or
> under-cooked really depends on how much water you have put in.
> By trail and error you will eventually know how much liquid is needed
> for each kind of grain.
> You could also cook any kind of soup, broth in the cooker. Just throw in
> the various vegetables,  spices, water etc and you have a delicous
> broth... a word of caution...When cooking the broth you have to monitor
> cooking time as there will be no automatic  switching off of the machine
> since there is so much liquid in the cooker.
> You could also cook packets of instant noodles in them. Very
> useful  for someone who has very limited  pots. Just watch the cooker and
> ensure that the soup does not boil over.
>  The list is endless for the use for the cooker.  You could also
> steam food in it.  Just experiment and remember to watch that the liquid
> does not overflow into the heating element  and you'll be fine!
> Sharon Tan
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