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itchy skin on very low fat

I also had dry itchy flaky skin about 2 months into McDougalls MWL.  I 
increased my fat intake just a bit (still avoiding dairy) and also bought 
different shampoo and conditioner, a milder 'aromatherapy shower gel" 
instead of the *cut through the oily skin* Irish Spring and treated 
myself to a vitamin enriched body lotion to topically apply.
As time has gone by (I have been McDougalling almost a year) my body had 
adapted to the very low fat diet.
One of the less than nice side effects is increased menopausal 
symptoms..it seams that fat cells make bits of estrogen so fat women 
usually have a milder menopause cause their estrogen level does not drop 
as radically...well loosing those fat cells has meant loosing the 
elle...half way there!