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FatFree cheese?

>From: Greg Johnson <gjohnson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: RE: Black Rice Pudding & Cocunut

>I have a question for the list, however.  If it is out of place, please

>feel free to let me know (one person only please!)...
>I don't actually believe in "fatfree" eating - I consume a fairly large

>amount of cashews, almonds, avocado's and other foods that may be
>considered high in fat, however I always consume them in their raw and
>natural state.  I have been surprised at the number of recipes and
>items that call for things like "fatfree" cheese...

I'm kind of with you on this -- and if I'm supporting an inappropriate
thread, please let ME know as well...My excuse will be that I'm new to
the list.

I don't eat a lot of nuts and avacados, etc., but I do eat some. I think
in some cases, the good stuff (vitamins, minerals, etc...) *out-weighs*
the fat content. Please pardon the bad pun.

I do eat *fat-free* dairy products, however. I know that they are not
completely fat-free, so I'm not fooling myself there, but I do try very
hard to fool myself into thinking that the fat-free cheese I eat is just
made from skim milk and that it's not the product of some huge chemical
conglomerate (one of which is located here in St. Louis...So I'm
supporting the local economy, right?) How badly am I fooling myself?
What kind of mono-, poly- or di-gunkulatations are they putting into the
stuff they call fat-free dairy?
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