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Re: ravioli help

> From: kelly roddy <kroddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I need some ravioli advice. I made a recipe last night that called for
> using wonton wrappers (instead of making my own pasta) for the ravioli.
> The recipe said to simply wet the sides of the wonton and seal them
> together. This seemed to work but several of them came apart when I
> them. Any tips on how I can keep them closed? I didn't boil all of them
> last night in hopes that someone can help me. :)  
> Also, I still have about 1/2 pack of wonton wrappers left. Can I freeze
> these?

My grandma uses a little egg white to seal the wonton dumplings she makes..
and she always freezes her wonton wrappings..but I think she sprinkles a
little flour on them first..

Hope that helps..

Karen Lim