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RE: Black Rice Pudding & Cocunut

Apologies all!

Diane correctly points out that coconut is high in fat... When I stated 
that the pudding was free from "added fat" I meant it had no refined fat 
added... I have probably stepped outside the guidelines for this list and I 
apologise if I have "misled" anyone by implying that the dessert is free 
from fat - it isn't...

I have a question for the list, however.  If it is out of place, please 
feel free to let me know (one person only please!)...
I don't actually believe in "fatfree" eating - I consume a fairly large 
amount of cashews, almonds, avocado's and other foods that may be 
considered high in fat, however I always consume them in their raw and 
natural state.  I have been surprised at the number of recipes and other 
items that call for things like "fatfree" cheese... If the aim of eating 
fatfree is to lose weight then maybe I can understand this, however from a 
health point of view, the processing involved in such products surely makes 
them a menace to health... In which case if you are eating fatfree for 
health reasons then this would seem counter-intuitive... I changed my diet 
about 18 months ago to being strictly vegetarian (no dairy, eggs, etc) and 
lost a substantial amount of weight... However I still eat nuts, avocado's, 
fresh coconut meat...

Please understand I am not attacking anyone here... I understand there are 
many people better educated than I am - all I am trying to do is understand 
the why's and wherefore's so that I can make the best decisions for my own