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Re: religious experience?

>                              Those of
>us who eat VLF have to realize, unless one has grown up eating this way,
>that changing from SAD to VLF requires an experience not unlike a
>religious conversion.  


That was a great post.  You are so right.  Looking at your post 
and thinking of my own moving away from eating meat, I wanted to 
declare, "It IS a religious experience."  Of course, it probably 
depends on your perception/description of religious.  But it 
definitely came up--gradually--from deep within, and over a 
(probably long) period of time.  But the conscious decision probably 
took 2 to 4 weeks of stewing--not necessarily thinking.

Now, while I can identify, probably almost perfectly, with horror 
and amazement of the person watching her father eat SAD, I can see 
the truth and wisdom of your words and thank you for them.

That was a great post and a wonderful perception from which to view 
ourselves' and others' eating habits.