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>Hi everyone! 
>I want to congratulate everybody for your excellent ideas to eat 
>Fat Free. I would like to ask one request. My boyfriend and I eat ff,
>and we will be celebrating our anniversary soon and I would like to make a
>nice dinner for him. You know candle light and that. 
>I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>The issue here is that I have no idea what to make for him. 
>We are tired of: Salad, Pasta (with whatever, I've tried everything) or
>ckicken on the grill, or fish and some vegies.
>I also don't know what to give him for dessert, I always get stuck with 
>the great (Hagan Dazs Sorbet, Have you tried it?? The Mango with 
>light whipped cream is incredible!!)
>Please give me some ideas for a ff entree, main course and dessert!!!
>It's URGENT!!!
>Thanks a bunch!
>Ivette Gibbe