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rice cookers and brown rice/grains

Hi Everyone!

I know this has probably been addressed before, but my hard drive crashed
and I lost almost all the digests I had . . . bad deal.

I absolutely love my rice cooker for making white rice, but I'm not sure
what modifications to make for cooking brown rice.  Do I use the same
ratios of rice:water as for stovetop cooking (such as the ones in Ornish's
book)?  Or do I need to add more (or less) water for the machine. Will the
cooker know when the rice is done, or should I force it to cook longer than
it wants to?  Also, does anyone use their rice cooker to cook things other
than rice (like barley or beans etc)?  

Which leads me to another question:  How exactly does the rice cooker know
when to stop cooking?  I have done all but take the thing apart and I can't
figure out how it senses doneness.  Or does the dumb thing just have a
preset cook time and doesn't really sense when things are done?

Again, sorry if this was recently discussed!  I want to be able to use my
rice cooker to its fullest potential.


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