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SAD family members

Julie in San Jose reports that her Father in law had (another)
angioplasty--but was still eating steaks and high fat foods. The
doctors and staff where he had the surgery just dropped the ball
and never gave him any nutrition advice. Worse yet, everyone at
her dinner table completely ignored a heart healthy recipe she
made (that sounded delicious to me). She said--"no takers."

We had a retired couple over--friends of ours. Her husband had
a coronary bypass 4 years ago. We made tofu kabobs (barbecued)
with fresh veggies. His wife ate the tofu. I made some lean
chicken pieces to put on with it--you should have seen me
in the kitchen--I washed the cutting board off 5 times with
bleach!! In the mean time, he did not touch ONE piece of tofu.
As far as he was concerned, it was poison. 

We are now offering guests SAD meals when we have guests over,
along with the food Yvonne and I eat. We have tried the route
of "teaching" other people to eat our foods. Now, nobody calls
us to go out with them, we have not been invited to friends'
homes, and our telephone is silent. Yvonne has been depressed
about this...and I don't blame her. I think it is partially
my fault. 

I am now making a concerted effort to keep my dietary choices
as quiet as possible. We are starting out trying to get some
new friends, but I will never say anything about food publicly

I even made a pact not to embarrass our daughter and son-in-law
publicly in restaurants anymore.--Mind you--they never complained,
but I know that Drew doesn't like public scenes. I feel that I
should be courteous to him in that desire. He never said anything
to us about it--but I can and should respect his feelings. 

So Julie, I know it is really difficult to watch your Father-in
law eat himself to death. You could recommend Ornish's book on
reversing heart disease--It's available everywhere. Ornish to me
is "easier" to follow than McDougall, who is very strict.

I don't know if it will have any result, but it is worth a try.

Good luck,


Mike Rosenblatt (with family in San Jose)