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two things


In catching up with my digests from the last week I noticed that Jan mentioned
potatoes adn how good they taste with S&P.  Have you tried them mashed up with
garlic (roasted if you have time), S&P, soy milk (ordinary is prob similar) and
onion (microwaved or sauted).  I hadn't eaten mashed spuds for a couple of
years but these were so moreish.  I guess fresh herbs and/or spices would be
nice too.

The other thing - I have 2 male flatmates who both have birthdays next week.  I
promised to make them a birthday cake which has to have icing...  I find that
vlf cakes I have tried always come out sort of flat and heavy.  Also we don't
have butter subs here in N.Z. so the recipe posted earlier this week is no good
for me.  Does anyone have a recipe for maybe banana, or choc cake (0r other
suggestions)?  I was also wondering whether whippping some (lf) evaporated milk
into a recipe would make a lighter cake or is that too hopeful?  I can give the
tofu frosting a go, but these are SAD people so if it's not sweet and fudgy it
might not cut it for them.  I could always just make one of my great old-days
cakes... but I think they eat enough rubbish without me adding to it (besides
the more selfish motives of me wanting to eat it too!).  Besides I think I need
to put my $$ where my mouth is and show that vlf tastes at least as good.

Thanks in advance