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cookbooks, pressure cookers

I second Diane Lachman's praise for the Lorna Sass cookbooks.  We
use her _Recipes from an Ecological Kitchen_ (recently republished
with a different title, but seems to be still the same book, as I
glance over our library copy).  Excellent, fairly easy recipes, all
vegan (I think -- certainly most are), and we just omit the o*l
without having noticed any problems.

Like Diane, we have (and will never part with) a trusty old Presto
jiggle-top pressure cooker.  To avoid potential problems with foam
when cooking beans, we bring the beans to a boil first, with the
lid not yet on the pressure cooker.  That lets us skim off the foam
before putting on the lid (and then go ahead and cook the beans in
minutes instead of hours).

That trick, by the way, comes from yet another excellent cookbook,
the unrelated _Ecological Cooking_ by Stepaniak & Hecker.  Again,
not fat free, but we always modify recipes to just saute in
stock/wine/water instead of oil.

Pete McClurkin    petemc@xxxxxxx    Silver Spring, MD 20901, USA