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re: to pearl or not to pearl

Barley has two inedible outer hulls.  The next layer is the aleurone. 
This layer is left on in unpearled (usually called hulled) barley.  It
is removed for pearled barley along with it's protein, B vitamins aand

		Hulled		Pearled
Protein		12.48g		9.91g
Fiber		 2.85g		 .74g  
Iron		 3.6mg		2.5mg
Thiamine	  .646mg	 .191mg

The source for this information is Whole Foods Companion by Dianne
Onstad, an excellent source of info about vegan foods.

Also, the squash recipes have been useful with a crop in my garage.  How
many times can you baked or mashed squash?

Noel, if you come across the ultimate cookbook PLEASE let us know.  I'm
always buying new cookbooks but don't have one that meets those
criterion.  I was an urban foodie but now am a rural foodie which makes
it really interesting at times.  Catalogs are a great help.  I too use
the library aand sometimes there are some finds there.

Good Luck.
Kate Bilinski