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Roasting Peppers

Folks, if you wanna go to all the extra work of charring your peppers
either over the burner or under the broiler, who am I to stop you...But I
assure you that Gloriamarie, Empress of Garlic, Doyenne of Beanery,
Opinionated Chef is also one lazy cook.  I stick any peppers that I wanna
peel into a bg..brown paper is best, or wrap in wax pepper and zap in
microwave until the skin loosens and peels easily.  You will have to
experiment and see which works best in yours.  It's just possible that the
handy dandy manual that came with it might tell you.

This is also an excellent way to peel garlic quickly and easily...Lay on a
towel, paper or cloth and zap anywhere from 15-30 seconds..skin will be
very loose and come off easily.

To brown onions in the microwave...I prepare them however I want them in a
recipe, chopped, rings, whatever, lay them around the outer circumference
of a plate and zap.  Again, you will have to experiment with yours to find
the right timing.

Gloriamarie     gma@xxxxxxxx
in the Land of Perpetually Perfect, Perpetually Boring Weather

"Use what talents you possess:
The woods would be very silent
If no birds sang there except
those that sang best"

by Anonymous, apparently