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SAD family

All this talk about the holidays really makes me sad. It's so hard to see 
loved ones eating in a way that does them harm, and to have them refuse 
to open their eyes to what they're doing to their health. 

My father-in-law is a prime example. He just got home from the hospital, 
where he had angioplasty to open up the blood vessels around his heart (I 
may not be stating that technically correct). This is his third procedure 
since the early '70s. He's quite amazed at the difference he feels now 
that the blood can flow freely. He said the pictures show the flow being 
a little trickle before the procedure and now it's like the raging 

We had this conversation over a steak dinner with salad dripping with 
Italian dressing, and french bread slathered with butter and cheese. I 
asked him if his doctor had spoken to him about diet and nutrition, and 
he said they were supposed to have a follow-up session to see what else 
they could do. Sigh.  I had mushrooms and snowpeas that I'd marinated in 
soy sauce, ginger and garlic and stir-fried (no oil). I poured it over 
some spicy couscous with cranberries. Delicious. No-one at the table 
would venture even a taste of the couscous. It "looked interesting," but 
no takers.

I would like to buy him a good book to help him look at his diet. Any 
good ones? I've heard of the Ornish book, but are there other good ones? 
Keep in mind that this man still doesn't have the concept down that I 
don't eat meat after 3 years. Every time we eat there, he pushes "just a 
bite" at me and seems genuinely amazed that I don't take him up on it.

Thanks in advance,

Julie in San Jose