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mashed potato "sauce"

Bev, thanks for the bean and rice serving sizes!  Your spud carrot sauce
got me going, I made a mixed veggie curry last night, and as I am on the
McDougall weightloss program I am avoiding flour and soy milk, etc.  So,  I
cut up some potatoes as for mashed, cooked them in more water than usual,
and used the electric mixer, "mashed" them until the result was similar to
chunky potato soup.  I added this to the curry seasoning and veggies I had
started in the big pot, made a delightful "creamy" curry, comforting and
just waht I wanted.

Thanks, Bev!

Jan Gordon  jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx
"We are all the guests of the green plants..."
Ismail Serageldin, V P, Environmentally Sustainable Development