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MWLP and Loss Plateau

Michele said she doesn't "know  what is considered high in starch or how to 
figure out how many calories ".  If you're following MWLP and want to 
accelerate or jump start your weight loss, don't worry about calories.  You 
just need to change the ratio of starchy foods and yellow/green vegetables. 
 Starchy foods are potatoes, corn, rice, grains, legumes, beans.  Rather 
than trying to figure out the caloric ratio, use your eye.  Fill your plate 
with more squash, salad, artichoke hearts, and whatever else you enjoy. 
 Then include a smaller portion of the starchier choices than you have 
been.  Whatever you do, don't let yourself be hungry--this is 
self-defeating.  If you start to get hungry, reach for the yellow/green 
vegetables first.  Then if you're still hungry, reach for something 

McDougal isn't big on water, but I find that when I don't drink lots of 
water, I'll feel hungry and food doesn't seem to satisfy.  Probably because 
I'm really thirsty, but my mind doesn't recognize that connection well yet.