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Request: cookbook

I'm getting the itch to buy (yet another) cookbook, and I want
recommendations. Here are the criteria:

1) Though I occasionally lapse away from home, my kitchen is vegan. No
dairy, no eggs.

2) I'm a classic urban foodie (no voluntary simplicity in *my* kitchen).
Symptoms:  worrying overmuch about exactly which kind of vinegar to use,
driving miles in search of odd ingredients, perusing the yellow pages in
search of ethnic groceries, bringing home mysterious vegetables that I
don't know what to do with...

Most of my cookbooks are neither vegan nor FF, which is ok since I mostly
use them as a basis for improvisation & source of new techniques. On the
other hand, I'd like to find an interesting one which fits my diet &
cooking preferences, since I've decided it might be a good discipline to
actually follow a recipie once in a while. Plus it would be fun to learn
yet FF cooking techniques. Suggestions?