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Green Giant Fat Free?

Hang on,  gang.  I heard that Morningstar was making a fatfree crumble type
product.  So I scooted over to the local grocery store and did not find it.
But I DID find Green Giant's fat-free crumble product.

Brought it home, tried an old recipe and it worked just as if it were b**f.

Half an onion sauteed (I like to get 'em going dry, then add a bit of water
and stir)
Half a bag of crumbles
A squeeze of ketchup.

Usually I'd have added it to macarroni, but I'm on McDouglall's MWLP, so no

Added some Fantastic brand instant refried beans as a side dish.

Fed our entire small army (3) with some left over.

Can you believe that "Downtown" has finally gotten the message that there
are folks wanting fat-free products.


For those of you who are sensitve to MSG you may want to test it first.  My
sister, who just has to look at MSG to get a migraine, did have a slight
migraine after eating it.