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Flax oil

Judy mentiioned Barleans Flax oil and mentioned that it tastes pretty good.
For any of you who may be looking for a very mild tasting flax oil, I've
tried it and do recommend it HEARTily.

I've only been taking it for about a week and the persistently dry spots on
my body are starting to smooth out.

Since going VLF two or three years ago the dry spots appeared gradually, so
I never put thee and four together to get six (remember, I've had a stroke

According to my trusty HFS--and I DO trust them--they said that the stuff is
shipped the same day it is expelled and comes in non-leaching bottles.

After hearing some of the horror stories about other brands, I was happy to
give their recommendation a try.  The only problem I had at first was
swallowing something which I had abstained from for years: oil.  A week
later and it's just part of life.

I do, however, follow it up with Roma, a brand of cereal-based coffee
alternative.  It looks just like freeze-dried coffee and disolves like it
too.  I love it hot or iced.  It beats any of the powdered stuff on the
market and allowed me to wean myself from caffine.

Let's face it, gang, it's kind of stupid to take a beta blocker and then try
to goose your heartbeat with caffine.  You might as well take a ride on a