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Gee, I'm working the McDougall MWL and I love potatoes. I never thought I'd
get to like them without butter, but I do. It's amazing how good they are
with just salt and pepper!  I'd hate to think they were contributing to a
fast breakdown. But then again, I'm mostly  eating long grain brown rice and
even if this is true, I figure a potato here and there isn't going to slow me
down too much. At least I'm not eating french fries anymore. 

Oh, a comment on brocccoli rabbi, it's broccoli rabe.  I must admit I rather
like the humor that's showing up concerning this. It gave me a good

For those of you who haven't seen this, it's Italian broccoli, and can be
little on the bitter side. It's not as smooth tasting as the broccoli we all
are used to. 
Jan Bennicoff