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Re: Powdered Beans

For Jenka asking about powdered beans, perhaps you are thinking of the ones
by Fantastic Foods, the company you are trying to locate.

You can buy Fantastic Foods products at a natural food store or health
food store and many carry their bulk items.  Two favorites of mine are
their vegetarian chili and the beans I think you wre referring to -
Fantastic Instant Black Beans.  Just add water and serve. They are
great rolled up in a whole wheat burrito with salsa and rice cheese 
added to the bean mixture, then "fried" dry in a teflon pan until the 
sides of the burrito brown.

Fantastic Instant Black Bean ingredients are precooked black beans,
dehydrated onions, dehydrated garlic, spices and salt according to 
the label from my bulk purchase.  If you find them in a package, check
the ingredients, as I've also seen them with oil, although the CFF was
very low.

If someone finds another source for them such as a website, that would
be great.

Natalie in Milwaukee