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Veg Cooking Schools (West Coast)

Barbara <BHATPHOACC@xxxxxxx> asked:
> if anyone has information about a vegetarian cooking school, she 
> vaguely remembers that someone gave that information before. It 
> would need to be on the West coast.

There are a number of these in the San Francisco Bay area. The best
way to locate them is to get a copy of the "Bay Area Vegetarian", an
annual magazine published by the Vegetarian Foundation, P O Box 9470,
Stanford, CA 94309. $6 postpaid. This 130 page delight has recipes,
articles, a dining guide for 275+ restaurants serving veggie and
vegan food in the 11 county area and a listing of cooking and 
nutrition classes (p.63).
Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM