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Eggless pasta

     Good news, Dianne: you don't need ANY eggs to make pasta! I use a 
     cooked, mashed potato (peeled, of course) and just mix the flour in to 
     make dough. You don't need to add any liquid. I don't know the 
     proportions, I just keep adding flour until the dough is not sticky. I 
     use white flour but I'm sure you can use whole wheat pastry flour, or 
     half of each. This pasta doesn't taste potato-ey to me. You can also 
     use other vegetables pureed to make different colors/flavors. Carrots, 
     beets, winter squash. I haven't tried making it with less starchy 
     vegetables, but it might work. Experiment!
     I have an old-fashioned pasta machine with a hand crank, and guests 
     (especially children!) love to help make the pasta.
     >Hello everybody,
     >I received a pasta machine at the weekend, and now I need some 
     >recipes, =
     >the recipe that came with the machine used 5 eggs, does anyone have 
     >any =
     >recipes for pasta that don't use all those eggs? Could I substitute =
     >something else?