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Crab cakes

Gee, I wish folks would take an extra second to sign their name so I'd know
to whom to address messages.

For the person who wants to replace breadcrumbs and eggs, Ener-G Egg
Replacer (an HFS staple) would replace the eggs, but as far as the

I'd say try matzoh meal, but that starts with flour, also.

But if this is any encouragement, I'm wearing a pair of 'sweats' that I've
not been able to wear for TWO YEARS.  They're actually a bit baggy on me.

Last year I couldn't get my leg into them.

I owe it all to McDougall's PMWL.

There are times I'm tempted to cheat.  Then all I have to do is look at any
piece of clothing I'm wearing and shake my head and go "nahhhhh."

Some things are worth giving up!