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jewish food?

Hi everyone -

My oldest son and his wife are coming over for dinner and he requested motzoh
ball soup, which I used to make when they were kids. My husband Charlie, who
is Jewish, swears my motzoh ball soup is better than his grandmother's! So
we're going to have a Jewish meal. Charlie will make tzimmes and I want to
make some sort of kugel - so I was wondering whether anyone has a ff recipe
for a noodle or potato kugel? I think I've seen them here before but I didnt
pay attention because I didnt think I'd be making it. Any other ideas? I don't
think I can make the motzoh balls ff - i can't figure out how to make them
without fat - so I guess I'll make them for everyone else and *try* not to eat
any myself!

One other question: in the HFSs here, they used to have a tofu scramble mix in
the bins, which was much cheaper than buying a box of it. Now they don't any
more and I am horrified at the price for the box of it. I was thinking of
trying to make up my own mix but one of the ingredients is "spices" - not much
help. Does anyone have a recipe or ideas for this? Thanks

Zoe in Santa Cruz