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pumpkin pudding & butter Subst.


My first question is to A. Sconyers who wrote in a pumpkin pudding
recipe that sounds wonderful.  I wanted to know why do you put half of
the rice on top of the pumpkin and rice and why can't it all be mixed
together and cooked in the oven?  Have you ever tried just making a pan
of the pumpkin and rice all together?  I can't see what the difference
would be.  Thanks in advance.

My second question I know has been discussed before but I wasn't baking
much at the time.  In many of the recipes for carrott cake, cookies,
etc., egg whites are used.  Can anything be substituted for egg and I
don't mean egg beaters or such.  I do not want to use eggs at all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful vegetarian Thanksgiving.