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Re: Worcestshire sauce


You are right-- w sauce is a no-no for this list. I am not a strict
vegan or ff person, so I don't mind, but it shouldn't have been
posted. FWIW,  I mentioned adding it as an ingredient to my
recipe-less version of mushroom stroganoff, so it could easily be 
left out. It's steak sauce that I like directly on my potatoes (which 
is an idea I got from this list a few years ago-- it helps with the meat
cravings that I still get).

Michelle lists a lot of suprising non-veggie things in the FAQ,
including gelatin (made from horse's hooves) and honey (some folks
consider this an animal product since its made from bee spit ;-)
The best advice is to read labels religiously. The next best advice is
to hang out with dedicated vegans, who know a lot about non-veggie
additions to foods.

T Sconyers