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Matzoh Balls

I'm not sure where this all began and I no longer have the digests to write
directly to those who were concerned, but there was a recent request for a
recipe for light matzoh balls.  Someone suggested using baking soda to
which I responded that the use of baking soda was unacceptable during
Passover.  Someone else wrote back that that while baking powder was
unacceptable, the use of baking soda was permitted during Passover.  Thus I
began to wonder if I was mistaken although I have never seen "Kosher for
Passover" baking soda in an American supermarket.  While I don't want to
belabor the point, my source of information is the "The Complete
American-Jewish Cookbook", edited by London & Bishov, copyright 1952.  It
states on page 3 that "Foods eaten during the eight days of Passover differ
from those of the rest of the year because of the prohibition of all
leaven.  Foods containing baking powder, baking soda, and yeast are