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To whomever posted that fat free crust (for pumpkin pie) last week, thanks. I 
made it last night and it really makes a perfect crust. [this is the one using 
froz. apple juice concentrate & grape nuts cereal].  To avoid the high cost of 
grape nuts cereal, I bought the store's own brand (Giant).  It has the exact 
same ingredients & costs about half the price. It makes the most perfect 
looking crust.

Also, I tried the pumpkin pie/pudding posted last week.  Something must be 
missing from that recipe.  It needed something, not sure what.  And I think 
the 1/2 tspn. ginger was too overpowering. I found a great tofu/pumpkin pie 
recipe in the Tofu cookbook. Will look for it and post if anyone is 

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