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Green Potatoes

	Unless there has been some new development in the potato world, the person
at the produce stand was either guessing or pulling your leg.  When I was
growing up, we always had a large garden and usually grew potatoes.  The
only one that ever turned green were those that were exposed to the sun,
either because they grew too close to the surface, or because they weren't
protected properly after they were dug.  The toxins develop as a result of
exposure to sunlight.   The story I heard, however, was that during the
depression of the 1920s & 30s a great number of people died from eating
green potatoes and/or their peels (of necessity, I'm sure--I've never eaten
enough green potato to make myself ill because the green parts have a nasty


> I asked at a corner outdoor produce stand why some
>potatoes are green and they just said that some kinds of potatoes are
>green and some are brown.  If they start out green at the produce stand,
>what's a person to do?  Grow my own I suppose, right?  Knowing me and
>my brown thumb, I suppose that would be the best way to ensure brown
>Well, anyway do some types of potatoes get green more easily than

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