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Rutabaga salad

All this talking about rutabagas made me remember the rutabaga salad we used 
to have as side dish at school (like 15 years ago).

Rutabaga salad

rutabaga (a whole or a smaller piece of a big one)
an orange
raisins (not many, rutabaga and orange are the main ingredients here)

Peel rutabaga and grate it into strips, put the strips to a bowl. Peel the 
orange and cut it into 2 cm (about 2/3 inch) wide pieces and mix the juicy 
pieces with rutabaga. Add some raisins.

Can be made beforehand.

Uncooked rutabaga may have very hard, even badtasting, skin (even like 2 cm), 
so remember to peel well.


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