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"Fat police" on patrol

Here comes a "ticket" from a duly sworn deputy of the fat police.

Recently some of the recipes have contained ingredients that are not
in accordance with the restrictions for this list. An example is this
nutritional analysis that was (very helpfully) posted with a recipe:
> per biscotti
> calories: 105.5
> fat: 2.3g  
Since each gram of fat has nine calories. this would be approximately
21 calories from fat. In 105.5 total calories, that's 20 percent 
calories from fat.

There are quite a few new subscribers to this list and some of them 
may not have yet become familiar with the restrictions that Michelle
has laid down for fat and other contents. They're in the FAQ.

Some of us are following a very strict nutritional program of ten 
percent calories from fat are very grateful for this list. We use it 
to stay alive. Since there are other lists for diets less restrictive 
than this one, I'd greatly appreciate it if the recipes posted here 
are first carefully checked to meet to the established guidelines.

This list is one of the most valuable resources available. Thanks 
to Michelle for providing it and all of you for posting wonderful
recipes and valuable information.

Aloha pumehana mai Hawai'i nei. (Warm aloha from Hawaii)
Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM