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Fran Watts' post re: archivally-challenged

Hi, all,

I think this was meant to go to the list rather than just me....and while I'm
here, let me say that my SAD son who does hate nearly anything healthy also
approved the Caribbean Surprise - I think THAT must be the surprise part,
lol!!  The child can't stand black beans, normally.  I made wild rice and put
chopped onion in with the raw rice without even thinking because I usually do
that, and then just had him taste mine with the bean/pineapple stuff before I
bothered serving them.  (He ate Neal's 'alfredo' recipe, too, and was shocked
because he found out after the fact that those little pale green things were
pieces of artichoke heart.  He doesn't like them, either.)  I'm so happy - my
menu list of fatfree SAD-approved recipes is growing, at last!!!  Thanks to
everyone here, especially the woman who shared her microwave squash with
chopped apple recipe - my younger son LOVES this, now.  :)

Here's Fran.....

Ruby mentioned a recipe {the Caribbean Surprise} as being bizarre, which
brought to mind a favourite snack here in our country.  

Cut a fresh pineapple into large chunks and push  onto skewers.  (optional
but not so messy)
Roll pieces in your favourite curry powder.
Munch straight off the skewer. Enjoy! 
(Seriously, it is refreshingly sweet 'n sour, tangy and truly divine...)