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Re: Nutritional Yeast

At 09:12 AM 11/18/97 -0800, K Hildrum wrote:
>	Is there a brand of yeast that I could look for, (or, if they
>don't carry it, request it by name) to make sure that I don't get the
>gross tasting stuff? 

One brand name is Red Star strain T6635+ -- other yeasts qualify as
nutritional yeast, but this one has vitamin B12.  Another name to look for
is Red Star® Vegetarian Support Formula. My HFS sells it in powder and
flake forms in bulk bins located near the baking yeast and flours.  You
should look for a light golden color in either a light powder or delicate
flake form.  It should smell and taste very mild and pleasant.  (Brewer's
yeast is, I believe, darker in color and granular--and bad tasting, as
you've discovered.)

If you can't find any locally, you could contact: 

The Farm
The Mail Order Catalog
P.O. Box 180
Summertown, TN 38483
1-800-695-2241 or 1-615-964-2241

I've never done business with them directly, but was introduced to
nutritional yeast about 20 years ago in their "The Farm Vegetarian
Cookbook," a classic for vegans (not fatfree, but very entertaining--I'm
told their more recent edition is lower in fat than the 70's version).
They also publish The Nutritional Yeast Cookbook, also available from their
mail order catalog.

Iowa City, Iowa