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Whistlin' Dixie

Hi all,

For those who don't know how to whistle <wink>, Dixie does have a website,
but it basically advertises their phone number and catalog.  It's

Their number is REALLY easy to remember  - it's 1-800-BEEFNOT (their main
product).  I think that makes it 233-3668.  You can ask for a catalog on the
phone and the people are really nice.

As far as what's good - opinon varies greatly.  Some people hate the
products, some people love them.  I personally think the Dixie-made products
are good if you are willing to experiment.  For example, my kids will eat
chili with beef-not but they don't like it in spaghetti sauce or meatloaf.
 Two other people on this list loved it in spaghetti sauce.  I absolutely
love the broth mix - the only item I can wholeheartedly recommend.  The
creme-it instant tofu is very convenient but will never get as smooth as
blended silken tofu.  In recipes where that's not important, the convenience
and lower fat content makes it a great buy.  Depending on how you rehydrate
it, some people think the chicken-not smells like dog food at one point in
the process.  (I just leave the kitchen, lol.)  I make chicken nuggets with
that and my kids love it - they thought that kind of food was gone forever!
 I hated the Midland Harvest burger mixes and someone else on the list added
lots of other things and thought it was fabulous.  

Dixie now has their own house brand of burger mixes in the newest catalog and
which reportedly taste much better (of course, the person who told me that
works there, lol).  The staff apparently uses itself as their test subjects -
they serve the stuff in their cafeteria!  I may take a gamble and try one
next time...and will let you know.