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Re: Lots of pears

You wrote:

>Does anyone out there have any idea on what to do
>with lots of pears?  I was given about 6 sacks full
>of pears and they've been ripening nicely.
>I never thought I'd say this, but just plain eating
>them is getting a little old.  Any recipes that use
>a lot of pears would be appreciated as well as any
>experiences with freezing them.

How about making "pear butter", substituting pears for apples in the recipe?

We lived in Germany for 5 years and had a huge pear tree in the backyard.  It
was so big that you couldn't reach the pears and several times a day I would 
collect the ones that dropped on the ground.  They would spoil very quickly,
because when they dropped they were so ripe and juicy (the bees had a blast 
with those fermenting pears left on the ground! %^).  I would cut off the bad 
spots and make "pear butter" or pear sauce on a regular basis.

You could freeze it in small portions (ice cube tray or "plops" on a metal pan, 
bag when firm) and have a good supply of fat substitute.

Enjoy your bounty.