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Re: which McDougall


I followed McDougall/Ornish (basically just vlf vegetarian) and lost 52
pounds in as many weeks.  I know a lot of people are now doing
McDougall's Maximum plan, which keeps you off flour, or processed foods,
I think, but I didn't do that.  I suspect the weight comes off faster
that way.  I also exercised everyday (mostly walking--about 1 hour per

What I discovered about our food bill is that it goes up because you are
buying more fresh fruits and veggies, but it goes down because you
aren't buying meat.  I tend to splurge and buy very good mushrooms and
very, very, very good dates (they are my candy), and some other things
that I would have considered sort of gourmet before.  I also buy fairly
good wine to saute stuff in--it adds flavor.  The upshot is that it's a
draw.  I don't think I'm spending any more or less than I was.  I do
order soymilk powder and TVP in bulk and it costs less that way.